Purchase One Katalyst Product and recieve 25% OFF 2nd Product!

Purchase One Katalyst Product and recieve 25% OFF 2nd Product!
Purchase One Katalyst Product and recieve 25% OFF 2nd Product!

Katalyst Nutraceuticals is a brand of sports nutritional products which include, Glutamine, Thermogenix fat burners, detox supplements, night time metabolic fat burners, pre-workout supplements, her essentials for woman for nails, hair and skin health and therapeutics. As defined on their website;

Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ realized there was a void in the selection of sports nutrition supplements available on the market today. What you currently have to choose from is an array of products that make big claims with fancy marketing gimmicks but deliver marginal results at best. For this reason Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ set out to fill this void and develop the strongest, most complete sports nutrition based product line to date. Our formulas supercede any current like products you have ever tried before. This is no ordinary sports nutrition supplement line. With their advanced proprietary formulas, Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ is without a doubt the most sophisticated sports nutrition based supplement line available today.”

If you come in to shop at our Nutrishop North Fontana location anytime in the month of August and purchase any of the Katalyst Nutraceutical sport nutrition products, you will receive 25 % off the second of equal or lesser value. *not valid with any other offers or discounts. Many of these sports nutritional supplements work best with partnered with 2-3 different products so come in today to learn how Katalyst can help you with your weight loss, muscle toning or muscle gaining goals and needs!

We are located off of the 210fwy off of Citrus in the Ralph’s Shopping center on Sierra Lakes Pkwy in North Fontana, Ca. Have any questions? Give us a call! 909-355-2808.



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