Get Healthy and Let us help you Stay Healthy!

Free Nature's EFA!

With flu and head-cold season among us, it is important to take measures to boost our immune systems in order to stay healthy! It is also just as important to get the amount of Fruit and Vegitable servings we are suppose to get in one day! One of our (Nutrishop North Fontana’s) favorite ways to do this is with Nature’s Fruits, Nature’s Greens, Nature’s Fuel and Nature’s EFA made by the popular brand, Nutek. Nature’s Fruits, Greens and Fuel are all delicious powders that you mix into 6-8 ouces of water once a day! The Nature’s EFA are soft gel pills that should be taken twice a day; two with breakfast and two with dinner. Here is a video you can watch that was made by a fellow Nutrishop owner that gives fantastic information on why these are such great products!

For the month of October only, our Nutrishop North Fontana location is offering the Nature’s EFA completely FREE (a $34.99 value) with the purchase of the Natures Fruit’s, Nature’s Greens, and Nature’s Fuel. The three powders mixed together taste absolutely delicious and dissolve extremely well in water. If you aren’t sure about whether you will like this mixed-powdered-drink-of-health, we will allow you to sample a cup of it in the store!

So what are you waiting for? Come on into our North Fontana location based off of the 210 and Citrus in the Ralph’s shopping center on Sierra Lakes Pkwy.

Have any questions, call us at 909-355-2808

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