Meet Anna, Our first Nutrishop North Fontana Sponsored Athlete

Nutrishop North Fontana decided to sponsor some of our clients that had achieved a tremendous amount of success in their fitness and healthy lifestyle. Luckily social media made it possible for us to see some of our clients and their daily routines, healthy eating habits , and exercises. It was amazing to see our clients daily dedication and determination to be healthy. We were looking for people that had achieved their goals using our products for muscle recovery, weight loss, and muscle gain.
Anna Sponsor from Rancho Cucamonga
One day we came across an instagram profile where we noticed a lot of our products being used and we started to see that this person had a infectious personality that came across on her daily fitness posts. She was never overweight, but she had what she called “skinny-fat” and was on a mission to tone her body. We decided to set up a meeting and sponsor her. Her name is Anna Richardson, she is a accomplished and determined woman from Rancho Cucamonga that is not only beautiful from the outside but also on the inside. When we decided to sponsor Anna she was getting ready for her first fitness competition in the WBFF (The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) competition.She recently graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in 2013. We were so excited to help guide her on her meals and exercises for her competition. She stuck to the supplements, workout plan, and meal plan and changed her body drastically. She is now proud to have a lean muscular body.
Anna in competition
When we asked Anna why she chose to shop at Nutrishop for all of her sports nutrition and weight loss products, she said,
“Honestly, I love how personable and helpful everyone is that works at the Nutrishop in North Fontana. They not only all greet me by name, but they know my story and they care about me as a person. They always take the time to answer my questions and recommend the best products based on my goals.”
To get Anna started on our Sponsor program, she was given advice on supplements that would help her with body fat reduction, muscle growth and muscle recovery. From there, Anna added the following sports nutritional supplements and vitamins to her daily routine; She added vitamins that she takes every morning before her first meal which includes COQ10 and Vitamin C and she also mixes her Nautre’s Fuel (a fruit flavored powder mixed into water once a day) which is packed with all of the vitamins and minerals needed to keep her energized throughout the day. During her workout she drinks Forza One Amino Acids in fruit punch flavor that helps with muscle repair, endurance, and to prevent muscle wasting.. She also combines Hydro Pro Protein powder in chocolate flavor and Glutacor (a glutamine supplement which helps repair muscles) that she mixes and drinks with water after her workout. Before going to bed, she takes a calcium/Magnesium vitamin supplement to help her get into a deeper sleep and burn more fat.
Aside from adding supplements and vitamins to her workout, Anna learned new tricks on fighting cravings and lifting weights and soon enough, she was toned and created curves in her body she had never had. Anna believes that her additional secret weapons are Coconut oil (that she cooks in her food throughout the day like green beans, chicken and broccoli) and ashwagandha root (which helps her with stress, energy levels, and helps her feel better).
Anna Sponsor from Rancho
We are excited to continue sponsoring Anna and seeing where her new fitness journey takes her. We are hoping to bring some trophies here and one day see her get a pro card.
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