Boost, Lean and Tone those Muscles in May!

boost, lean and tone muscles may specialNutrishop is offering you three ways to welcome the summer…Boost, Lean and Tone those muscles with our May Special– 25% OFF Evolve Metabolic Triad System by Elemental Health Sciences. This weight loss combination is made up of the most highly valued patented and researched weight loss ingredients in the sports nutrition industry to date. These ingredients have not only been put to the test, each ingredient has shown to assist in the efforts of achieving your fat-loss goals. What are these weight loss ingredients you ask?

The first ingredient is, Conjugated linoleic acid, which is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in meats and certain dairy products which is also known as CLA. CLA is a clinically studied weight loss aid that helps the body burn more calories. Studies have shown that CLA helps reduce total body fat and increases lean body mass. CLA is also an anti-catabolic agent, an antioxidant and event supports the immune system.

The second is, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, also known as LCLT, which leads to an increase in metabolic rate while maintaining levels of lean muscle tissue. LCLT even reduces cravings while increasing energy.

The third weight loss ingredient is Dioxitone which is a combination of ingredients which help regulate metabolism.

Another ingredient is Dicana, a non-stimulant metabolic booster created to increase fat burning.

And Last, Dioxilean 5 is a blend of green coffee extract, Raspberry ketones extract garcinia extract and a few others that are a powerhouse of nutrients which help the body convert sugars to a more usable form, breaking down body fat and helps control cravings.

All of these amazing fat burning and weight loss ingredients are combined to help you BOOST, LEAN AND TONE that body just in time for the summer. So what are you waiting for? Come into our North Fontana Nutrishop location in the Month of May and receive 25% OFF of the Evolve Metabolic Triad System by Elemental Health Sciences!

We are located off of the 210 and Citrus at 16135 North Sierra Lakes Pkwy. in Northern Fontana. We are located in the same shopping center as Ralph’s and LA fitness. Have questions? Call us at 909-355-2808

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