Nutrishop calls this month “Fit February” and gives away Lipocor for FREE!

Fit February, get Lipocor FREE!

Of course Nutrishop is always supporting and promoting getting fit, this month we are encouraging a “stack” of sports nutrition, weight loss and general health supplements that will make a huge difference in your ability to get fit quick, covering all of the bases! If you purchase protein synthesis, glumatic, nature’s fuel and natures EFA, you will receive lipocor for FREE (a $30 value).

What will this amazing stack of supplements do for you, you ask? Let us explain!

Nutrishop’s PRO7EIN Synthesis™ Product is Best Proteinthe most advanced, delicious tasting, time-released protein supplement available consisting of 7 of the most effective protein types in their purest form. Each type of protein is broken down and absorbed at a different rate, allowing your body to utilize the benefits of protein over an extended period of time of up to 8 hours.

Nutrishop PRO7EIN Synthesis™ Product is also enriched with BCAAs, N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine and all the Essential Amino Acids to aid in muscle recovery and prevent the breakdown of lean muscle. In addition, Colostrum has been added to this unmatched formula to assist in the building of lean muscle. Colostrum contains insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which is critical for stimulating muscle growth and im mun oglobulins, which are involved in immune functions.

Glumatic by PH Labs Glumatic is another important part of this “stack” puzzle…The
ultra-pure dipeptide structure and stability of Glumatic is quickly and easily absorbed by the body, which means your muscles get the amino acids they need faster. Whether you’re looking to speed muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness, increase lean muscle or shed unwanted body fat, get ready to maximize your results with Glumatic….Superior STABILITY, Superior ABSORPTION, Superior RESULTS!†

Nature’s Fuel is a general health supplement in the form of a Natures Fuelpowder! NU-TEK’S NATURE’S FUEL is a complete, nutritionally potent daily formula comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, greens and immune supporting nutrients. This quick-dissolving powder formula provides fast absorption for maximum effectiveness. Feel more energy, boost your immune system, improve everyday feeling of well-being and supercharge your natural healthy metabolism. TryNU-TEK’S NATURE’S FUEL™ and feel the difference for yourself!†

Natures EFANU-TEK’S NATURE’S EFA with Sesamin is the most complete, sophisticated blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids available with the optimal ratios from the highest-grade sources available with an added high-grade extract of Sesamin designed to support vital bodily functions. Omega 3, 6 & 9 are referred to as “Essential” Fatty Acids because these are the “good fats” that your body needs to function properly.

Last but not least, we have Lipocor which will promote weight loss Lipocor by Katalyst Nutraceuticalsthroughout your journey to getting fit! Katalyst takes weight loss to a whole new level with Lipocor Maximum Strength. Lipocor has been engineered to be a
complete, all natural, stimulant free weight loss supplement. L-carnitine’s primary role is to help transport fatty acids into the energy producing units in the cells – the mitochondria, where they can be converted to energy. This is a major source of energy for the muscles, including those of the heart. As such, carnitine increases the use of fat as an energy source.

So now that you understand the use and reason for “stacking” all of these supplements, come in during the month of February and get Lipocor Free when you purchase the top 4 products! Our Nutrishop North Fontana location is located at 16135 N. Sierra Lakes Pkwy. in Space 230 in Fontana. Feel free to visit our website at or call us at 909-355-2808.

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