Meet Kenyauda, our newest Sponsored Athlete!

Nutrishop North Fontana Sponsored AthleteOur Nutrishop North Fontana location has recently added a sponsored athlete that we are excited to introduce our customers to! Her name is Kenyauda and she is not only a determined and dedicated competitor, she went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine so she truly understands our supplements and products!

When we were considering her as one of our sponsored athletes, we found that many of our customers and friends that frequent our Nutrishop location knew her and all of them not only agreed that her personality is awesome, but we found that she is also always willing to help strangers with their questions regarding working out.

Kenyauda uses many of our Nutrishop sports nutritional supplements such as muscle optimizers and fat burners.  7 Keto, Thermovex by evochem, BCAA’s sport by forzaone and Glumatic by ph labs . The 7 Keto is for lean muscle mass and could also be used as fat burner. Thermovex is a fat burner that has a appetite suppressant, metabolic booster, contains 8 grams of fiber to help keep you full, gives you energy and best of all it taste amazing! There are 4 different flavors of thermovex. She actually buys the watermelon flavor and mixes it with natural sparkling water so it tastes a lot like soda. BCAA is short for Branched-chain-amino-acids and she uses this during competition prep and non-competition prep during her long cardio sessions and weight training. They are essential to building and maintaining muscle mass. She said that at some point during cardio, you risk losing muscle but the BCAA’s keep you from losing muscle. Last but not least, she uses Glumatic which is a top of the line glutamine. She uses it before and after her workouts to preserve the lean muscle and after for faster recovery and to take the soreness away faster.

We are so lucky to be a part in helping her with her fitness competition journey and wish her luck in her next NPC muscle bikini competition!

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