Save 20% OFF of Modern Source Protein and/or Natures Fuel when you come into our Nutrishop location in the month of October.
Nutrishop October special for supplements What is Nature’s Fuel and Protein you ask? Nature’s Fuel is a powder supplement you mix into water, juice, or even smoothies once or multiple times a day that help to boost up your immune system. Nature’s Fuel, in our opinion is definitely better then the flu shot!! It Helps your immune system by providing you with all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, greens, fruits and probiotics that your body needs to stay healthy.

Modern Source Protein by Trailhead Nutrition on the other hand is a vegan protein powder blend with NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, Non-GMO, Allergen Free, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free! Only 110 calories with 20 grams protein, 5 carbs, and 1 fat per serving.

Our Nutrishop North Fontana location is off of the 210 at 16135 Sierra Lakes Pkwy. #230 in Fontana, Ca. Have questions? Call us at 909-355-2808.