“Just for the Health of It” November Special!

For Nutrishop, EVERY month is an excuse to be healthy, but with November being a big month for viruses like colds, flu’s and sore throats, we wanted to give our customers a discount on our immune system boosting powders and EFA pills that offer a boost of vitamins and multivitamins! These general health supplements are great to mix in water, in smoothies, shakes or with any juice of your choice and they offer the nutrition you need to keep your immune system strong!

Just for the Health of it Nutrishop Nov Special

“Just for the health of it”, we are offering 20% off your choice of any 2 or more products featured in the add you see to the left! These include Nature’s Fruits, Fruit and Vegetable Superfoods, Nature’s EFA, Nature’s Fuel and Natures Greens.

Nature’s EFA are general health supplements that are in pill form that can be taken every day that offer a sophisticated blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids available with an added high-grade Extract of sesamin! These EFA supplements support cardiovascular health, Improves cholesterol values, enhances brain function and stimulates metabolic function.

The other four offered supplements are powders that are great in smoothies, on their own in water or mixed into the juice of your choice, in delicious flavors you’ll love!

Come into our Nutrishop North Fontana location in the month of November and receive your 20% off of any of these two products! http://www.Nutrishopnf.com


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