Stack up on Supplements in 2019 and Save!

january nutrishop north fontana 20 percent off supplements Happy New Year! It’s 2019 and to help you celebrate AND to help you with your New Year’s resolution, our Nutrishop North Fontana location is offering $20% off of any 4-item stack of supplements!

What is a “stack”, you ask? Some people call it a “bodybuilding stack” and it’s basically a group of supplements used to enhance performance in the gym and/or during your workouts. A stack normally contains a range of supplements that all have different intended purposes that are taken different times throughout the duration of your workouts. These “stacks” of supplements all work together to enhance energy, help your muscles recover faster and helps increase your endurance during those workouts. To cover all of these bases, a stack of supplements normally contain a pre-workout supplement, a supplement you would take during the workout and a post-workout supplement. The great thing about this special good for January only, is that you can mix and match any supplements brands you like as long as it creates a 4-item stack to help you get to your fitness, weight loss and muscle gaining goals! So what are you waiting for? Come into our Nutrishop North Fontana location today! 

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